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Tungsten Alloy for Aerospace Application

Tungsten alloy are generally used by aerospace designers for balancing components or reducing vibration. The high density of tungsten materials allows maximum sensitivity from optimum mass and is particularly valuable in situations where a large mass has to be contained in a confined space.
Examples of applications
Trim weights
Used to achieve final balance in an individual component, assembly or complete aircraft.
Anti-flutter weights
Used to reduce any tendency to flutter in wings and other components.
Flight control surfaces
Components such as ailerons, flaps, rudders and elevators are fitted with counterweights to optimize their performance.
Anti-vibration weights
Balance weight has been used to deaden vibration in applications such as the pilot's stick and in riveting tooling. The same principle is used to increase passenger comfort by reducing vibration within the body of the aircraft,  this is particularly valuable in turboprops and helicopters.
Rotor blades
Helicopter rotor blades require both static and dynamic balancing.
Propeller blades
Counterweight is designed into a propeller fail-safe system to prevent overspeeding
Ballast weights
These weights are frequently used in development or prototype work to simulate the weight of equipment or passengers during test flights.

aeroplane aircraft
aeroplane airplane

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