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Thorium Tungsten Bar

Supplier of thorium tungsten bar.

Added impurity quantity in % :

•WT10 ThO2 0.90~1.20% yellow

•WT20 ThO2 1.8~2.2% red

•WT30 ThO2 2.80~3.20% purple

•WT40 ThO2 3.80~4.20% orange  

Thorium Tungsten Bar Attributes :

•It is a low level radioactive material

•Improves welding performance

•Easy to get up the arc

•Stable electric arc

•Made from most commonly used tungsten material, i.e. thoriated tungsten

•Saves electricity

•Long performing life

•Slight radioactivity

•Provides excellent performance even when overloaded with extra amperage  

Thorium Tungsten Bar Application Areas :

•Good for general use, DC applications  

Thorium Tungsten Bar Composition:


Oxide Additive

Impurities Content

Tungsten content

Color Sign


Content %







Packing: Different packing is available according to the customers' requirements.
Note: All other specifications products are available according the customers' requirements

For more details about thorium tungsten bar, you can contact by telephone 86 592 5129696, or email to Any enquiry or questions will be warmly welcomed.




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